Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)

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Out of print for nearly 30 years, this masterpiece of cat-and-mouse espionage suspense from the iconic bestseller Ian Rankin is as timely and urgent as ever. In Europe, the Americans are pulling out their troops in a tide of isolationism. Britain, torn between loyalties to America and the continent, is caught betwixt and between.

In America, a space shuttle crashes on landing, killing all but one of the crew on-board: A British man named Mike Dreyfuss, who will become vilified by the US press and protesters. Halfway across the world, Martin Hepton, an English ground control technician watches as they lose contact with the most advanced satellite in Europe. A colleague of Hepton's who suspects something strange is going on is signed off sick, and never comes back.

But there is much more at stake than anyone realises -- and many more people on their trail than they can possibly evade Even Dogs in the Wild. Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke is feeling the heat. She's investigating the death of a senior government prosecutor, David Minton, who has friends in high places. When one of their own is killed, the powers that be want answers fast.

But Clarke is puzzled: if Minton died in a robbery as everyone thinks, why is nothing missing from his home?

Tooth & Nail: An Inspector Rebus Novel Summary & Study Guide

The answer may lie not in what was taken, but in what was left behind at the scene--an ominous note. Malcolm Fox is feeling useless. Shunned by his colleagues because of his past in the Complaints bureau, he's been reassigned to a grunt detail, helping a surveillance team--one that trusts him even less than his own boss does--track a notorious Glasgow crime family. Helping Clarke with the Minton case is the only thing that makes Fox feel like a real cop. Newly minted civilian John Rebus is feeling restless. Being a cop is in his blood and he's failing miserably at retirement.

So when Clarke and Fox ask for his help, Rebus doesn't need long to consider his options. But before he can get his bearings, a call comes from Rebus's old nemesis--"Big Ger" Cafferty. Someone just fired a bullet through his front window--and sent him a note identical to Minton's. The normally unflappable old gangster is on edge, but for the life of him Cafferty can't figure out who he's wronged. And the only man he trusts with his life is Rebus. As the cases collide, it's up to Clarke, Fox, and Rebus to connect the dots and save their unlikely ally Cafferty, whose past harbors a shocking secret that implicates Minton's friends in an unspeakable crime.

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Secrets and lies: the impossible world of DI John Rebus

Book 4. Gregor Jack has it all: young, wealthy, and charming, he's a highly respected member of Parliament, with a beautiful wife--and a closet bursting with skeletons. When he's caught in a police raid on an Edinburgh brothel, his house of cards begins to topple. Enter Detective John Rebus: he smells a set-up. When Jack's flamboyant wife Elizabeth disappears, Rebus uncovers a full-house of orgies, drunken parties, an incestuous "Pack" of deceitful chums Now Rebus is on a new quest--to find a killer who holds all the cards. Book 8. Bible John killed three women, and took three souvenirs.

Johnny Bible killed to steal his namesake's glory. Oilman Allan Mitchelson died for his principles. And convict Lenny Spaven died just to prove a point. Now a copycat is at work. Nicknamed "Bible Johnny" by the media, he is a new menace with violent ambitions. Book 9. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The hanging of an old man in a Scottish cemetery Seemingly random facts linked to one man Book Weary, wary, hard-drinking Detective John Rebus returns in author Ian Rankin's internationally acclaimed, award-winning series.

As complex and unpredictable as the brooding mists that envelop his Edinburgh beat, Rebus is ever resourceful and determined--but this time, vulnerable and challenged as never before, with complications in his personal life, and events that shake him to the depths of his being On the eve of the first Scottish parliament in three hundred years, Edinburgh is a city rife with political passions and expectations.

Queensbury House, the home of Scotland's new rulers, falls in the middle of John Rebus' turf, keeping him busy with ceremonial tasks. That quickly changes, however, when a long-dead body is discovered in a Queensbury House fireplace, a homeless man throws himself off a bridge - leaving behind a suitcase full of cash - and an up-and-coming politician is found murdered. The links between the three deaths lead Rebus to a confrontation with one of Edinburgh's most notorious criminals, a man he thought he'd put in jail for life.

Someone's going to make a lot of money out of Scotland's independence - and, as Inspector Rebus knows all too well, where there's big money at stake, darkness gathers.

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More featuring serial killers. Eye for an Eye. Book 1. Six corpses have appeared in the cobbled back streets of St. Andrews in recent times, all known spousal abusers who suffered the same gruesome fate: stabbed to death in the left eye. But with no new leads left to explore, Det. Andy Gilchrist is forced off the case. What is the significance of the left eye? And with his career and his reputation on the line, he vows to catch the killer—even if it means he must do it alone.

Bad Tidings. Nick Oldham.

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The search for a Christmastime serial killer leads Det. The killer sends Lisa a letter that warns she will be the next victim if she does not retract the lies told to the police. Lisa is placed into police custody, but insists on going to the Old Bailey to conduct some interviews she had scheduled weeks before. While this is taking place, Rebus receives a call from his daughter informing her that her boyfriend has disappeared. Rebus promises to look into the matter and asks Flight for his help.

Rebus 03 A Question Of Blood

Rebus begins to think that the Wolfman is a cop and that Lisa could be in danger. Rebus goes to the university where Lisa works and learns that Lisa has lied to him, that she is not a psychologist, but a research student.

Rebus also learns that Lisa is at the Old Bailey instead of the safe house Flight was supposed to send her to. On the way to the Old Bailey, Rebus realizes that the note sent to Lisa uses some slang common among Americans. It is also slang that Rebus heard Malcolm Chambers, schooled in America, use. It dawns on Rebus that Malcolm Chambers could be the Wolfman and he is supposed to meet with Lisa at that very moment. Rebus rushes to the Old Bailey only to discover that Chambers has already disappeared with Lisa. Rebus steals a car and chases after them, managing to get a confession out of Chambers over the car phone.

When Flight gets up a road block, Chambers leaves his car and runs into the National Gallery. Rebus follows and a knife fight ensues. Chambers is killed, leaving the police with no motive for the killings.

Tooth and Nail (Inspector Rebus Novels)

Rebus prepares to return to Scotland, but before he does, he goes to see Kenny Watkiss. Kenny has been hiding from his uncle because he has been skimming money from the stolen goods racket Watkiss has been running. Kenny tells Rebus that not only is his uncle involved in the scam, but a cop is as well.

Rebus gives Kenny money to get out of town under the condition that Kenny not see Sammy ever again. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved.

Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)
Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)
Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)
Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)
Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)
Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3) Tooth & Nail (Inspector Rebus, Book 3)

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