Neuronal Cooperativity

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Schmidt , Stephen G. Lomber , Giorgio M.

Neuronal Cooperativity (Hardcover)

Development of spatial integration depends on top-down and interhemispheric connections that can be perturbed in migraine: a DCM analysis Eleonora Fornari , Romana Rytsar , Maria G. Form in darkness: Linking visual cortex structure with spontaneous neural function Omar H.

An updated midline rule: visual callosal connections anticipate shape and motion in ongoing activity across the hemispheres. Multiplicative mechanism of lateral interactions revealed by controlling interhemispheric input.

Tejido nervioso - Histología

The fine-scale functional correlation of striate cortex in sighted and blind people. Omar H.

A Novel Interhemispheric Interaction: Modulation of Neuronal Cooperativity in the Visual Areas

Butt , Noah C. Visual callosal connections: role in visual processing in health and disease. Connections of auditory and visual cortex in the prairie vole Microtus ochrogaster : evidence for multisensory processing in primary sensory areas. Katharine L. Campi , Karen L.

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Bales , Rebecca Grunewald , Leah A. Interhemispheric synchrony in visual cortex and abnormal postnatal visual experience.

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Functional selectivity of interhemispheric connections in cat visual cortex. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Knyazeva , Giorgio M. The responses were recorded by multiple electrodes in the primary visual areas and the synchronization of local field potentials across the electrodes were analyzed with a recent method derived from dynamical system theory. Inactivating the visual areas of one hemisphere modulated the synchronization of the stimulus-driven activity in the other hemisphere.

Forschungszentrum Jülich - Analysis of parallel spike trains

The modulation was stimulus-specific and was consistent with the fine morphology of callosal axons in particular with the spatio-temporal pattern of activity that axonal geometry can generate. Deutsch Login. Download full text files journal. Export metadata. Additional Services.

Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity
Neuronal Cooperativity

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