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This Australia-based company publishes the best designed and most inspiring digital art books in the world. Reviewing one of their books is the equivalent of going down the digital rabbit hole or stepping into another dimension full of the most amazing colors and imagery. I've been fortunate to receive an excellent new book from Ballistic: d'artiste Matte Painting 3.

This book is part of the large stable of digital art books produced by Ballistic every year. The d'artiste Matte Painting 3 book covers the subtle and increasingly important art of digital matte painting by featuring the art of three major artists in the field, along with extensive interviews and tutorials by the artists.

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Each of these beautiful books are well produced and firmly bound. Exceptional attention has been paid to the reproduction of color and placement of the many, many art photos you'll find in each volume. Clearly, Ballistic is one of the finest publishers of digital art books in the world. The format for books in this series is excellent: choose 3 masters of matte painting, bring them in to present a series of specific tutorials, talk to them about their lives and works and then get each artist to share the work of other matte painting artists they admire.

It's a simple concept, but the challenge Ballistic is faced with in producing a book like this is balancing the words and the art and then choosing the most interesting ways to display the works on the page. Fortunately, Ballistic editors are masters themselves and d'artiste: Matte Paintings 3 is simply wonderful. Not only is the art work literally breathtaking and beautifully arranged on the page , but by beginning each artist's section with their ideas on the art of matte painting, you immediately have a framework for understanding what each individual artist is trying to achieve in their work.

This is important because the artists each have a unique style.

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X in Toronto, Canada. Each artist presents a tutorial that covers the creation of a specific digital painting. They discuss the tools they used and move step-by-step through the creation process to the finished image. The process is carefully documented with large, clear digital images. I enjoyed all of the tutorials, but Milan Schere's he created 6 complete tutorials!

His carefully detailed instructions indicate he would make an excellent master teacher or tutor. Of course, selecting art from this wonderful book is an entirely subjective process. That said, I found David Luong's matte painting Moonlight of a Chinese Night to be extraordinary in its mood and detail. Damien Mace's tutorial Aftermath and the resulting final rendering is simply beautiful and exudes a powerful mood.

Advanced Techniques with Igor Staritsin

Literally, a stunning work of art with such color and imagery that it's like a Vermeer painting. Milan Schere's work is remarkable, too. I particularly enjoyed his tutorial Hanna — Hamburg Container Park and its final render. The digital image is so clear and detailed you can almost smell the scene.

This is followed by a conversation amongst the three featured artists and Mr. Pangrazio, which is almost worth the price of the book itself. In particular, the advice all of them give to matte artists is invaluable. There's also a nice perk to anyone who buys a copy of d'artiste: Matte Painting 3 : you'll receive a link in the book to a video download page with tutorials by each of the featured artists.

You can purchase d'artiste: Matte Painting 3 directly from the Ballistic Publishing website , or from quality booksellers both real and online. The book is marvelous and deserves a place on any artist's shelf, but especially those artists who are either active digital matte painters or are thinking of getting into the field. You can browse through both books at the Ballistic website.

d’artiste Matte Painting 3

They are both lovely books and deserve your attention. My sincere thanks to Ballistic Publishing for sending me these books for review. He's also an actor and machinima filmmaker. Tattooing As the tattoo industry has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years, the need training in this field has also grown.

d’artiste Matte Painting 3

Software The Gnomon Workshop offers professional training on most of the software applications used in today's digital pipelines. Professional Training for Artists The Gnomon Workshop seeks out the most highly-regarded traditional and digital artists and technicians currently working in the entertainment and design industries.

Instructor Galleries Instructor Interviews. Kevin Mannens Jerad S.

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Description In this lecture, Igor Staritsin takes you through the entire process of creating an epic matte shot. Duration: minutes Format: HD x Preview Intoduction Compositional Study Establishing Mood Modeling the Station Creating Background and Middle Ground Creating Middle Ground Creating Foreground Creating the Station Part 1 Creating the Station Part 2 Creating the Station Part 3 Creating the Station Part 4 Creating the Station Part 5 Adding Final Details Creating Waterfalls Camera Projection Part 1 Camera Projection Part 2 Camera Projection Part 3 Camera Projection Part 4 Camera Projection Part 5 Camera Projection Part 6 Camera Projection Part 7 Image Gallery Personal Website.

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