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This is real chamber music. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. Skip to main content. Composer or Director:. Magazine Review Date:. Media Format:. Catalogue Number:.

With privitization, I believe the name was up for grabs. My latest information is that Rieger-Kloss, a part of the state-owned enterprise that was privitized a couple of years ago, has just changed its name to "Bohemia Piano Co. This and other late-breaking news as well as U. Some of it will also be available free on-line at my web site, probably next week as soon as I have time to convert it to HTML and upload it.

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Larry Fine Brookside Press www. Registered Piano Technician. David Stanwood. Stanwood" stanwood tiac. They really wanted her written endorsement which implies there looking for attention. I trust Delores's judgement and if the quality in their show peice is like that all their pianos then I would suggest this is a maker to watch.

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I just looked at the catalog. All the workers wear black and red patterned uniforms. So maybe the quality of their production is uniform They use Abel hammers, Renner actions, and Kluge keyboards. These works gave Smetana answers to many compositional problems relating to the structure of orchestral music, [44] and suggested a means for expressing literary subjects by a synthesis between music and text, rather than by simple musical illustration.

Although a follower of Wagner's reforms of the operatic genre, which he believed would be its salvation, [79] Smetana rejected accusations of excessive Wagnerism, claiming that he was sufficiently occupied with "Smetanism, for that is the only honest style! The first of this final trio, The Kiss , written when Smetana was receiving painful medical treatment, is described by Newmarch as a work of serene beauty, in which tears and smiles alternate throughout the score.

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She dominated the ailing composer, who had no say in the subject-matter, the voice types or the balance between solos, duets and ensembles. Smetana's eight operas created the bedrock of the Czech opera repertory, but of these only The Bartered Bride is performed regularly outside the composer's homeland. After reaching Vienna in , [] and London in , [] it rapidly became part of the repertory of every major opera company worldwide. Newmarch argues that The Bartered Bride , while not a "gem of the first order", is nevertheless "a perfectly cut and polished stone of its kind.

Clapham believes that this has few precedents in the entire history of opera. Even in his own homeland the general public was slow to recognise Smetana. As a young composer and pianist he was well regarded in Prague musical circles, and had the approval of Liszt, Proksch and others, but the public's lack of acknowledgement was a principal factor behind his self-imposed exile in Sweden.

Smetana's first noteworthy public success was his initial opera The Brandenburgers in Bohemia , in when he was already 42 years old. His second opera, The Bartered Bride , survived the unfortunate mistiming of its opening night and became an enduring popular triumph. The different style of his third opera, Dalibor , closer to that of Wagnerian music drama, was not readily understood by the public and was condemned by critics who believed that Czech opera should be based on folk-song.

In his final decade, the most fruitful of his compositional career despite his deafness and increasing ill-health, Smetana belatedly received national recognition. Of his later operas, The Two Widows and The Secret were warmly received, [] while The Kiss was greeted by an "overwhelming ovation".

Technical and Musical Considerations

Smetana's biographers describe him as physically frail and unimpressive in appearance yet, at least in his youth, he had a joie-de-vivre that women evidently found attractive. There is broad agreement among most commentators that Smetana created a canon of Czech opera where none had previously existed, and that he developed a style of music in all his compositions that equated with the emergent Czech national spirit.

According to the musicologist John Tyrrell , Smetana's close identification with Czech nationalism and the tragic circumstances of his last years, have affected the objectivity of assessments of his work, particularly in his native land. Smetana has been regarded in his homeland as the father of Czech music. On 2 March , Google celebrated what would have been Smetana's th birthday with a Google doodle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Smetana disambiguation. Czech composer.

Overture: The Bartered Bride. Collins English Dictionary. Retrieved 13 August Oxford University Press. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Grove Music Online , ed. Laura Macy. Retrieved 12 May A general assessment might be made on the basis of Smetana's annual salary in , when he was appointed conductor of the Czech Provisional Theatre — 1, gulden. Clapham , p. Grove Music Online, ed. Reportedly the two composers discussed the need for "a modern type of comic opera as a complement to Wagner.

It appears Clapham, , pp. The pronoun had been added by May Large, pp. Archived from the original on 27 July Retrieved 29 November The Musical Quarterly. Retrieved 24 May Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 3 February — via Google Books.

BBC Magazines. Retrieved 2 March String Quartet No. The Bartered Bride film Dalibor film. List of compositions. Arnim B. Shelley P. Schlegel F.

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Musical nationalism. Classical music portal Biography portal.

Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano
Bohemia - Piano Bohemia - Piano

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